Chapter Honors

The American Institute Fellowship Program was developed to elevate architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of architects as individuals, but also their significant contribution on a national level. Only three percent of all AIA members have been recognized as Fellows.

West Virginia Chapter members who have been elevated to Fellowship are:

  • 1944 – James Montgomery, FAIA
  • 1952 – Walter Martens, FAIA
  • 1952 – C. E. Silling, FAIA
  • 1979 – Charles Haviland, FAIA
  • 1979 – William Peery, FAIA
  • 1981 – Irving Bowman, FAIA
  • 1993 – Francis Guffey, II, FAIA
  • 2002 – William Bevins, FAIA
  • 2018 – Edward Tucker, FAIA

James L. Montgomery Award is in honor of Mr. Montgomery, a charter member of the West Virginia Chapter, AIA, its first president and its first member to be elevated to the College of Fellows. It shall be the highest honor, recognizing architectural excellence and service to the Architectural Profession, that the West Virginia Society of Architects can bestow if the Executive Committee determines that a candidate is a deserving recipient.

  •      – Clarence Moran, AIA
  • 1984 – Irving Bowman, FAIA
  • 2010 – Francis Guffey, II, FAIA

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Richard UpJohn Fellowship Medal is presented to those architects who have served the profession on the National AIA Board of Directors.

  • 1992 – Francis A Guffey, FAIA
  • 2010 – Edward W. Tucker, AIA

Honorary Membership in the American Institute of Architects is presented to non members of the AIA who has signally contributed to the profession of Architecture.

  • 1992 – Roberta J. Guffey, Hon. AIA

Virginia Society AIA Honors:

  • Francis A Guffey, FAIA, Hon. VSAIA – 1990
  • Roberta J. Guffey, Hon AIA, Hon. VSAIA – 1993